60 Second Film: Virtual Stage Management


Logline: A high school Stage Manager working on virtual shows sits through another rehearsal.

Goal: Show the day to day duties of a Stage Manager in a unique situation.

This film shows a quick glance into what I do in rehearsal every day when we are in the beginning stages of virtual productions. Dramafest, the series of student-written and directed plays, is always less work than our traditional straight plays and musicals. Being virtual has lightened my workload even more as we are now putting on radio plays that require very little assistance from our tech crews.


  • Did the addition of text on some frames detract from the viewing experience?
  • Would this film benefit from the addition of background music?

Josie: I think quiet background music would have been nice for the little moments of silence
I don’t think the text took away from the viewing experience. I do think the film would benefit from background music as long as it is not too distracting and intense.

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