Evidence of Editing – Meet the Tethered (US)

What about editing did you notice?

  • The absence of music (initially), builds as the tethered’s words become more pointed and pained
  • Only use the fire (in the fireplace) to light the scene
    • Tethered are in darkness while the “good” family is better lit
  • The camera starts further away (can see tethered from the waist up), and zooms in slowly. When the camera cuts away to focus on another character, it returns to the same distance from the tethered as it was before the cut and continues to push in.
    • Eye trace – each character is near the center of the screen when it cuts to look at them. The audience’s eyes don’t need to move much between cuts.
    • Close up on the tethered when her speech is over. 

What did you like about this clip?

I really liked the way the lighting and slow increase in the intensity of the music was used to develop the sense of impending doom throughout the scene. I also really liked the addition of humor that Winston Duke’s character provided. The rhythm of the cuts was also really appealing, as the music built the cuts became more frequent and were timed with the beats.


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