Class Boredom Feedback

Film Feedback Template with Filmmaker Commentary


This short video was created with the intention of showing the behavior of a student during a boring class online. With the help of a family member and a very talented dog actor, the film came together.


A typically motivated student quickly loses focus during yet another Zoom class.

Intent / Goals

  • FOR YOU: I wanted to be able to incorporate at least one of Murch’s techniques in this video; I used eye trace as well as story advancing cuts.
  • FOR THE PROJECT: I wanted the audience to feel the gradual loss of motivation of the student on screen.


  • I looked further into Walter Murch’s six editing rules.
  • Walter Murch is a world-renowned film editor who has been working in the industry for decades.


  • Was my goal of using the eye trace rule achieved?
  • Is it clear that this is a montage?

Peer Feedback

Dexter: “I enjoyed how the number of distracting items increased cuz i feel like it’s similar to real life. I also thought the static camera was a good choice for how the film was presented.”

Francis: “I really liked it! The cuts were well done and I could easily relate!”

Josie: “Definitely relatable and I thought all of the cuts made sense”

Laari: “I liked the editing, there were no cuts that felt awkward so it flowed very nicely. I’m also a big fan of the dog”

Naomi: “I like the editing and thought it was very relatable”

Brian: “clear message in video. I think the eye trace worked. Though the dog stole the show”

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